Wooden Flooring

Wooden floor solutions for every space

Wood floors have become increasingly popular in the past few years and we have been supplying and installing them for a lot longer than that, actually since we began, over 55 years ago.

There are many options to choose from. Engineered or solid, wide board or narrow, unfinished, oiled or lacquered, various hardwood species, all slightly different to each other.

The beauty of wood is unique, and as the grain is always unique, no two pieces are alike. They are stylish, ageless, warm, low maintenance and extremely durable with the lifetime expectancy really being a lifetime.

Havwoods Flooring

Established in 1975, Havwoods has built up a reputation over the past 40 years for quality, expertise and service. Their products are now in demand by architects and individuals all over the world and they remain one of Britain’s foremost wood companies.

Havwoods know what they do well, and they concentrate almost exclusively on wood flooring. This ranges from engineered and solid wood for floors to cladding and even joinery. No matter the situation, Havwoods can find a solution.

The wide range they offer means that virtually any finish is on offer with a Havwoods floor. They currently have a portfolio of more than one thousand different types of wood flooring with many of them held in stock.

Havwoods offer around 30 collections containing a huge amount of flooring options to suit your space; but if you cannot find something among that to suit their bespoke service may be able to help.

That quantity does not translate to any lack of quality with Havwoods products. Their personnel travel the globe to visit manufacturers worldwide and find the very best flooring on offer.

At home, Havwoods are continually researching new ideas and trends. They are renowned as leaders in their field both from a design and a technological viewpoint. Their research led to the development of Plusfloor, a product which combines the toughness of vinyl with the ease of fitting an engineered board, and their composite decking products.

Their 40 years of experience means a wealth of expertise that makes Havwoods stand out as a company. They truly understand their products and the way they perform. Their advice on installation can have tremendous influence on the lifespan of the floor itself.

Havwoods slogan is ‘wood that works’, and you can be guaranteed that it will work in your home.


V4 Wood Flooring

V4 is a family run business with a passion for wood flooring. Set up in 2002 by brothers Nathan and Chris Vincent, the family’s involvement in the industry stretches back decades. They are now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality and responsibly sourced hard wood flooring.

Based in the South of England, the brothers started the business with an inherited passion and knowledge of high quality hardwood flooring born from three generations of their family. They now manufacture flooring for the UK and international markets in factories across the world.

Tradition is important to V4, but so is modern technology. Their solid collection embraces traditional and timeless elegance, while their engineered floors are impressively technologically advanced. But whatever form of floor they are producing, the emphasis is always on providing beautiful and durable solutions to meet modern requirements.

The company’s collections offer a wide range of options to suit many spaces, from the most modern to very traditional. The constant is the quality and the durability of the products.

V4 always seeks to minimise their environmental impact, and are committed to making their products and processes as environmentally friendly as possible. They are always seeking to find news ways to minimise the impact their industry has on the environment.

The hardwood used by V4 is sourced from well-managed and sustainable purpose farmed forests. Only mature trees are selected for harvest, and for each one felled several more saplings are planted. All of their timber is responsibly sourced and complies with European Timber Regulations.

V4 offer a 35 year guarantee on their hardwood floors and say that wood flooring is a choice for life. Once installed there should not be any need to change or renew it, and even a worn floor can be refinished and rejuvenated rather than being replaced.


Bamboo Flooring Company

The Bamboo Flooring Company was established in 2004 to offer an alternative to traditional wood floors. As the name suggests, they specialise in flooring made from bamboo, a grass which is one of the hardest natural materials available.

Bamboo is an excellent alternative to hard wood flooring, with a higher fibre rating than any hard wood. This gives the floors exceptional hard-wearing qualities, so it is ideal for surfaces which are going to be well-used.

The Bamboo Flooring Company has 11 different styles of bamboo flooring available, to compliment any interior design or taste, all at competitive prices. They keep an extensive amount of flooring in stock to make sure that they can supply any order quickly and efficiently.

Customers have a choice of solid, engineered or strand woven bamboo flooring, with many options suitable to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating. All offer a stable and long-lasting product.

The solid floors are comprised of strips of bamboo glued together; the engineered flooring consists of a base layer of plywood with a bamboo layer on top; and the strand woven flooring is manufactured by pulling apart the fibres and then compressing them with resin to form a plank.

The bamboo flooring is imported directly from a factory in China, so the Bamboo Flooring Company can offer a better price and service to its customers choosing a bamboo floor in the UK.

The Bamboo Flooring Company takes their environmental responsibilities seriously, and have evaluated every aspect of their operation to make sure it is as environmentally friendly as possible. Bamboo is a sustainable flooring material which they source responsibly. At the same time the company ensures that they comply with all UK and global environmental legislation and regulatory controls.

Bamboo Flooring Company

Boen Flooring

Boen is an international company based in Norway. Their products are sold in more than 50 countries across four continents, with production sites in Russia, Lithuania and Switzerland. They use their worldwide presence for inspiration and the development of new and innovative flooring solutions.

Boen describe the floor as the biggest piece of furniture in the home, and believe that it should reflect your style and personality. It is why they offer a wide range of flooring options to suit all tastes and spaces, all with a commitment to quality and durability.

Boen divide their collection into four styles – Classic Elegance, Urban Contrast, Modern Rustic and Pure Nordic. It gives customers a good starting point to decide where to focus their attention before narrowing their choice down by colour, size and appearance.

As a company, Boen continuously invest in technology and product development. It has led to them becoming one of Europe’s largest and most modern producers of hardwood flooring and increasing their market share throughout the world.

Their commitment to being at the forefront of the flooring industry is demonstrated with their new Live Pure product. It is a completely new surface finish that celebrates the trend for natural materials. It gives floors an untreated and completely natural look, with the appearance of freshly sawn wood in its natural state. However, it also provides extreme resistance against life’s knocks and spills.

Boen is known for a long and proud tradition of craftsmanship, based on respect for nature’s resources. It is the user of their products that they are focused on, and their values include a commitment to inspire and guide their consumers.

They take their environmental responsibility seriously and are FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified so you can enjoy your wooden floor knowing that it will last you a lifetime without impacting on the planet.

Boen UK Ltd

Beaulieu Wood Flooring

Beaulieu Flooring Solutions is part of a renowned international group headquartered in Belgium. As a European leader in the market they offer an extensive range of perfectly finished floorcoverings and have supplied some of the world’s most well-known companies with flooring solutions.

Beaulieu’s product choice is wide-ranging, with customers able to choose their flooring based on the appearance, durability and budget that suits them. Their wooden products, however, are particularly impressive with parquet flooring 100% manufactured in France and made from the finest French oak from the Forest of Tronçais.

As a natural product, each plank of parquet is unique and introduces a piece of the outside world into your home. The simple clean lines of a parquet floor give a basis for a range of decorative styles and add to the atmosphere of a house. Beaulieu Flooring gives its customers a choice between many species of wood, each with its own particular character, in a wide range of sizes from narrow strips to extra wide planks.

Beaulieu are aware of some customers’ concerns about the care of wooden flooring so they offer a choice of finishes. Flooring can come with a very tough high-tech varnish which not only protects the floor but is easy to maintain. Alternatively, a natural deep-oiled traditional finish is also an option.

As a company, Beaulieu Flooring Solutions is constantly striving to innovate, and have made that desire an integral part of their processes. They have developed an installation method that requires no tools or glue, the boards are simply clicked together.

Beaulieu’s parquet floors have up to a 50 year warranty for normal domestic use with the installation system coming with a lifetime guarantee. They are also certified ‘Parquets de France’, a label guaranteeing you have chosen a quality product made with French know-how.


Beaulieu Int

Atkinson Kirby Wood Flooring

Atkinson & Kirby were first established in 1903. Since then they have grown to become the UK’s largest manufacturer of traditional hardwood flooring. Despite their size, they have retained their original close-knit family feel, with staff working closely together to ensure that only the best quality flooring is produced.

Atkinson & Kirby are an industry leader in wood flooring who have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience over more than a century in business. But while they respect their heritage, they are also committed to finding new and innovative concepts and designs.

As a firm, they have supplied floors for a wide variety of projects including residential, hospitality and retail. This has given them the chance to experiment with various types and styles of wood over the years to offer the finest selection of quality flooring. Recent high profile projects include St Pancras Station and the National Museum of Scotland, but their products work equally as well in domestic settings.

Atkinson & Kirby offer seven main ranges with a variety of options within their collections to suit your particular style and budget. They can also provide a variety of finishes to their flooring from lacquered to oiled or even unfinished if preferable.

The range of woods on offer with an Atkinson & Kirby floor include birch olive, blacknut, cherry, hickory and maple alongside the traditional oak and walnut floors. Various widths and finishes are also available to suit the demands of the space and the customer.

The company’s slogan is ‘For all your flooring needs’, and is it an ethos that they strive to maintain for everybody they deal with. From their Lancashire headquarters and London and Scottish offices they offer the very best in customer service, along with their wealth of expertise in wooden flooring.

Atkinson & Kirby

Ted Todd Wood Flooring

The Ted Todd story began way back in 1993. Ted Todd were a fledgling start-up beginning a journey that would eventually transform them into the UK’s leading wood floor company.

For over two decades, curiosity and adventure have driven their story. Beginning life in the North West of England, Ted Todd was inspired by the industrial heritage right on their doorstep. They spent their days exploring old mills and salvaging wood flooring. Back in the garage, they learnt how to faithfully restore these beautiful hardwood floors to their former glory. It was the beginning of something special. 

Ted Todds newest collection is all about individuality and urban living. It captures the feel of salvaged treasure and offbeat finds to create a look that’s a bit distressed but always unique.

There’s nothing random about the quality and delivery though. Because it’s made in the UK, we can guarantee that if you choose from the Ted Todd range, we can deliver and install it in a sensible time frame.

While it may have a worn look, it’s air-dryed lacquered finish ensures that it is extremely durable with no colour fading – all with all the eco-credentials you would expect from a cutting edge company.